Financial Wellbeing

Get your pay when you earn it!

No need to wait for payday -- take your pay as you earn it.  

Low -Cost Loans 

Get low-costs loans quickly and pay the loan back through payroll deductions.  Loans up to $20k, with terms up to 24 months starting at 6% interest

Student Loan Assistance

Vault helps manage student loan debt by offering you options for loan forgiveness and refinancing.  This service is 100% FREE to you!  

457 Match Money!

KIPP offers a 457 plan (similar to a 403b or 401k) -- KIPP also matches 100% of the employee contribution, up to $1200 per calendar year, beginning in the employees 3rd year of employment

Identity Theft Protection

Trusted by millions, LifeLock offers protection against identity theft and restoration should it occur.  

Sign up when you enroll in Health benefits!  

Travel Insurance

Free to you, travel assistance offers you and your dependents medical, travel, legal and financial assistance service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year worldwide when travelling.