Retirement Savings

KIPP wants to support you in your Financial future!  Besides your retirement from TRS or Social Security, you have the option to invest in personal retirement investment accounts.

To manage your payroll contributions, see your account balances, or request certificates for withdrawals, visit Retirement Manager.  

There are two two types of accounts: 


KIPP Invest

Branded KIPP Invest,  this account is sponsored by KIPP and functions very similarly to a 401(k) or 403(b) account.  You make pre-tax payroll deductions to fund your account and then choose how your money is invested -- a Roth (post-tax) version is also available.   You save on income taxes from your paycheck and watch your money grow with amazing investment opportunities. 

KIPP will match your contributions!  KIPP matches 100% of your contributions, up to $1,200 per calendar year, beginning in your third year of full-time continuous employment.  This is an amazing perk and unheard of in the education world!

To sign up for a 457 Plan, contact a VALIC/AIG representative:


Brent Harper       512-638-9827

Dallas - Fort Worth

Allie King            817-975-1591


Josh Levy            713-254-4228

Collin Cook          281-253-2303

Aleedra Price      713-824-4502

San Antonio

Debbie Rau          210-441-2024

Jayson Wagner   281-299-7367


Not sponsored by KIPP, you may also invest in a 403(b) account.  You may invest with any company (some restrictions apply).


NOTE:    KIPP does not offer a match of 403(b) contributions. 


To sign up for a 403(b) plan, contact your specific company.