Physical & Mental Health


Concierge Medical Service - bring the medical care to you with two great options!


  • White Coat -- During business hours, have a Nurse Practitioner come to you -- at your home, work site, or wherever you are (in the service area);  or

  • RediMD -- Visit a Doctor, 24/7 via computer/phone through a Skype-like platform, from where you are

These services are available to ALL Full Time employees, regardless of whether covered under KIPP benefits.  Dependents covered on a KIPP medical plan are also covered.  

Both visits cost only a $25-copay.  Prescriptions are available when needed with both visit types. 

COVID-19 Rapid Tests available to employees at home FREE of charge with No Copay 

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Need Help?  The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here for you!

  • Emotional Support

    • Anxiety, depression, stress

    • Grief, loss, and life adjustments

    • Relationship/marital conflicts

  • Work Life Solutions

    • Finding child and elder care

    • Hiring movers or home repair contractors

    • Planning events, locating pet care

  • Legal Guidance

    • Talk to attorneys for practical assistance with your most pressing issues, including divorce, adoption, family law, wills, trusts, and more

    • Need representation?  Get a free 30-minute consultation and 25% reduction in fees

  • Financial Resources

    • Retirement planning, taxes

    • Relocation, mortgages, insurances

    • Budgeting, debt, bankruptcy, and more

  • Online Support – 24/7 link to vital info, tools, and support

    • Articles, podcasts, videos, slideshows

    • On-demand training

    • “ask the expert” personal responses to your questions.


All contact with the EAP is 100% confidential (unless bound by legal reporting requirements) – KIPP never knows that you called or sought help.

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Best in Class Medical Benefits

Discounted Gym Memberships

KIPP offers Best in Class Medical Benefits, with better coverage for less premium cost to you.  

Gold's Gym

(Not available in Houston)

Discounted rates, no sign up fee, payroll deducted dues


Various gyms

(through Blue Cross Blue Shield)


Open to all BCBS members, $25 monthly rates rates to various gyms all over!